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Thursday, January 10, 2013

FILA 10 1/2" Strap Leather Lace Up Boots

This boots was sold by Jared on eBay and I want to own these kind of boots hopefully in the future.

The boots while being worn by the former owner

The side view of the boots. Notice the strap on the lower portion covering the lace.

The front full view of the boots. It has 10 eyelets with a strap on the lower portion.

Another side view of the boots. Take note of how sturdy and durable the boots is. It will last at least a decade.

The boots as being worn by the former owner and it is partly hidden by the jeans.

Full side view of the boots and it really looks shiny and polished makes me real kinky, horny and hard that I will jerk off and cum later... hahaha...

The back portion of the boots. See the features of it and you will know how hard it is. This boots cannot be easily worn out by its thick leather application and can stand at least a decade or more.

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