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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Men In Boots Images Part 16

The pride parade of gay men wearing leather boots in the canals of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This gear fetish man is wearing a gore tex or leather vest, fatigue pants and leather combat boots and later he will suffer the fuck fisting, manipulation and electrocution.

This soldier is a discreet gay guy that is why he has a blurred image of his face so that no one can tell who he really is because he is not yet out and proud to his family and his boyfriend will subject him to master slave relationship later. He sometimes go to sleep wearing his boots!

This is a collection of boots of a man who has a strong obsession in boots and he force the slave in this picture to sniff the smelly boots as part of his dog training.

This gay guy in his 50s wants to try sky diving wearing kilts and leather combat boots to see how thrilling the adventure is.

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