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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Men In Boots Images Part 4

Two gay men are proud showing, displaying, exposing their pure leather combat boots just for someone to fuck them later.

Shoe shine free service in the leather competition is a good free service with their brothers in boots. They make good of the service as part of the leather competition and party.

The long haired men in their leather boots got the attention of many and even have lots of time posing for pictures.

The guy in pure leather combat boots is so hot that he got kicked in his balls by someone in rubber boots so he can't jerk off later but be fucked by the man in rubber boots.

The man in orange prisoner suit and leather combat boots is busy talking with his pals. The prisoner suit signifies slavery and that means he is a slave willing to do the commands of a master. Aside from being fucked, rimmed and fuck fisted (ff) later, he will be tried in bondage and collared as a dog.

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