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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Men In Boots Images Part 7

The gay men in their boots enjoying the gay pride parade wearing only briefs, thongs, and leather belts. Obviously, they are attracted to and obsessed with bondage and sadomasochism.

Half naked commando or soldier man wearing his fatigue pants and pure leather combat boots while strolling on the streets enjoying the festivities of the gay pride parade. This man is a veteran bottom man having endured bdsm, boots lock, wrestling, body punching, kicking, blood, scats, ff fist fucking. However, inasmuch as he is a good bottom, he can be a top upon request as well fucking a few men while wearing his fatigue pants and leather combat boots and ejaculating inside the man's body but he rarely do it barenaked without protection. He often uses condom when having sex both being fucked and when he does the fucking.

The half naked man on binge trying to booze to find a mate who will fuck him and fuck fist him later while wearing his boots. He wants to be drunk later so that he cannot feel the pain of fuck fisting when it is done to him just to bear and endure it for mere pleasure.

The contestants for the Mr. Leather competition in that year facing the audience and greet their avid followers.

Leather boots of a man with designs

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