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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Men In Boots Images Part 5

The leather bootsmen wearing hooded jacket and kilts are buying kilts to match with their leather combat boots so that they can attract mate and master.

Free shoe shine polish service at the gay pride festival servicing boots and other shoes by boots men

This bottom or slave man wearing Wesco logger boots is so hot that he is fuck fisted and was fucked by at least a dozen men. His ass is swollen red later and his cock has been drawn out lots of liquid. He is so tired for days that he sleep naked without boots.

Red wing boots worn by a man in fatigue pants in contrast to those in the tall patrol boots

The man wearing a patrolling cop boots is the master and partner of the bouncer wearing fatigue pants and leather combat boots. He is all red and fuck fisted all the time that his ass is as wide as the cave opening. Several other men lined up to fuck him and fuck fist him which result to his over swollen ass and dried cock. His mouth is also fucked by many and he sucks a lot of cock and drank a lot of venomous wine made from the seminal fluids.

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