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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All About The World Of Boots Guy

Me Wearing Boots and Jeans

         Today, July 20, 2011 is the day when I started this blog. This is my first post on this blog which is my third. I created this blog for mature audiences and because the adult content articles which I will publish here are too obscene, profane and too racy for family and conservative readers. Some of my posts from my first blog are deemed profane, obscene and lewd that I will transfer them here because I could not generate Google Adsense ads there since images or texts which are deemed too sensitive to the public readers or viewers are against the AdSense terms and conditions so maybe in time I will transfer them here. It is so sad for me to remove those posts in my first blog even if it is not nudity, profane, obscene nor does it promote pornography but fetish which they linked to voyeurism, foreplay and sexual orgies are deemed too sexual to be publicly published. It took me two years to come up with a lot of posts targeting to a thousand posts in just a few years only to be warned to be taken down if I want adsense by Google but there's nothing I can do but to abide by the rules. I will just give myself at the same time my public readers to have enough time to view my sensitive but very popular posts until I post an announcement in my first blog that I will be transferring those posts here so for them to continue to enjoy my posts at the same time saving all my collections of articles and images of fetishes on boots. Till next time.. There are still lots and lots of images, stories and videos to come on this site and hope you enjoy reading this blog, thanks!

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